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Created by Wacken-Helge

Wacken Bus Shuttle - Metaltravel

Dear Metalheads,


Thank you for your interest and support to make our shuttle bus service work. With the experience from this year, we hope that we can even do better next year.


Bookings can be made until 17.07.2008 under www.wacken.com / >info> Shuttle Bus oder www.metaltravel.de .


Under these links you will find a complete list of all busses running to and from the festival with destinations and fares. You can mail your request for a reservation for the bus to: metaltravel@wacken.com.


After the 16th of July, we will not accept any new bookings. Tickets will only be sold at Remedy Records Shop at Holstenplatz in Hamburg for shuttle departures from Remedy Records to the festival site until 31st of July.


If you need seats for the the Metaltravel Bus from destinations other than Remedy Records, but were not able to request your reservation in time, you can ask our crew for available seats in Berlin ZOB, Berlin Airport, Hamburg Airport, Bremen Hbf und Bremen Airport just before the busses leave. Experience show that there are always noshows, but if you are not holding valid travel vouchers, there is no guarantee for transportation.


From Lübeck Hbf, Lübeck Airport, Hannover Hbf und Hannover Airport we are not able to provide thiese services. Please contact the bus driver for assistance.


In Wacken we will be present at the well known WOA Infostand . Here we are going to sell bus tickets for the returns on Sunday for all available departures and destinations.


Your Metaltravel Team



Shuttle Busses to WOA 2008

(still available)



from Hamburg Remedy Records(Holstenstr.) - Wacken

Tu. 29.07. 20.00h , 20.05h via Airport

Wed. 30.07. 12.00h, 14.00h, 16.00, 18.00h

Th. 31.07. 10.00h, 14.00h


from Wacken - Hamburg Remedy Records(Holstenstr.)

Su. 03.08. 04.00h, 9.00h, 10.00h, 11.00h, 12.00h, 13.00h


from Hamburg Airport - Wacken

Tu. 29.07. 20.00h , 20.30

Wed. 30.07. 12.00h, 13.00h, 16.00h, 18.00h



from Wacken - Hamburg Airport

Su. 03.08. 04.00h, 09.00h, 10.00h, 11.30h, 12.00h, 13.00h


from Berlin ZOB - Berlin Airport Tegel - Wacken

Tu. 29.07. 17.00h

Wed. 30.07. 10.00h, 14.00h


from Wacken - Berlin Airport Tegel - Berlin ZOB

Su. 03.08. 08.00h, 12.00h


from Bremen Hbf - Bremen Airport - Wacken

Wed. 30.07. 15.00h, 16.00h


from Wacken - Bremen Airport - Bremen Hbf

Su. 03.08. 10.00h , 11.30h


from Hannover Hbf - Hannover Flughafen – Wacken

Wed. 30.07. 15.00h


from Wacken - Hannover Flughafen - Hannover Hbf

Su. 03.08. 10.30h


from Lübeck Hbf - Lübeck Airport - Wacken

Tu. 29.07. 20.15h Mi. 30.07. 20.15h


from Wacken - Lübeck Airport - Lübeck Hbf

Su. 03.08. 11.00h


contact and booking: metaltravel@wacken.com


Pricelist for all departures from the city or the airport nonstop to the festival site.


from/to | Fare in € | min. passengers in coach per person/oneway

Berlin Flughafen 27.- 50 Persons

Berlin ZOB 27.- 50 Persons

Bremen Flughafen 19.- 30 Persons

Bremen 19.- 30 Persons

Hamburg Flughafen 14.- 30 Persons

Hamburg Remedy 12.- 30 Persons

Hannover Flughafen 19.- 30 Persons

Hannover Hbf 19.- 30 Persons

Lübeck 17.- 30 Persons