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Created by WackenHelge

Wacken goes Wireless - WLAN 2011

Also this year we offer WLAN (Wi-Fi) for every festival visitor.

WLAN tickets are available at all W:O:A supermarkets, info office and merchandise booths.

The tickets will cost 8€ and are valid from Wednesday to Sunday.


What you need:


(Notebook, IPhone, etc.)

1. Activate WLAN, Then scan and connect to the strongest W:O:A Hotspot

2. Set IP-Addres and DNS Server to “Automatic” (DHCP)

3. Open Browser

4. W:O:A Login Comes Up

5. Enter Username and Password, ready


Reception (IMPORTANT)

… is available everywhere in perimeter of the W:O:A WLAN Hotspots marked on the Campingsite-Plan. On the camping-site you can recognize them by the WLAN Hotspot Sign/Banner.


Service Hotline: (0) 4367 – 996 994 0

e-mail: wackenlan@wacken.com