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Created by WackenHelge

Wacken goes wireless!

As first of all festivals ever and as a small world premiere, the Wacken Open Air offers it´s visitors the possibility to surf the web with a notebook, i-phone etc. at the entire festival grounds, equally if it´s in front the stages or on the camping grounds. That doesn´t only mean surfing nearby a few dedicated hotspot´s but surfing in every corner of the whole festivalarea. Such an offer on a festival never existed before!


For just 9 euro you will get access with our 5-Day-WLAN-Festivalflat-Ticket for the whole duration of the festival. That means from Wednesday to Sunday.


How does it work!?


First of all you need a WLAN capable end device (like notebook or IPhone)

Than activate your WLAN and scan the area for the strongest W:O:A hotspot und connect.

After connection you have to set IP-address and DNS Server to “Automatic” (DHCP)

Open your browser and type a random link.

The W:O:A login comes up

Enter your username and password – ready!


Further Info at the following hotline:

+49 (0) 4367 – 996 994 0

Or by writing to the following e-mail address:



The WLAN tickets can be purchased at the W:O:A info office, supermarkets, and at the merchandising stands.



W:O:A team