Wackinger Village 2013 | W:O:A - Wacken Open Air
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Created by WackenHelge

Wackinger Village 2013

The Wackingers have become an independent nation: A Society of time travelers from all ages and fantastic worlds. In this year the Wackinger´s have reinvented themselves completely – elaborate buildings and sceneries will let you dive into several worlds from the past and future.

On the whole field you will get well entertained by unbelievable actions and interactions.

Lots of walking acts and show elements will complete the amazing line-up of the Wackinger Stage. Practice your skills in sword-, bow-, axe- and crossbow combat. Defeat your enemies by taking part in the “Jousting” contest and enter the boat for your journey to Wasteland – everything is possible inside the Wackinger Cosmos!


Sparring workshops:

Arm yourself for the offered sparring workshops and participate in a huge battle. Every able warrior can take part in the workshop (2 times a day on the battle-field)


Bruchenball Tournament:

Once part of the squire apprenticeship the Wackingers have established this rite into a team sport experience. Let yourself be bonded with the so called “Bruche” and lead your team to victory in this tournament (Applications for the tournament 2 times a day on the battle field)


Knights Showact:

This year the “school of medieval swordfights” will show you a spectacular, professional show with about 80 warriors which is specialy conceived for Wacken. A lot of blood will be shed until only the strongest will be left on the battlefield (daily show)



Do your bones feel tired in the morning hours? Than hurry up and dance with `Comes Vagantes, Wirrwahr´ and the historical dances of the Wackingers



Post-apocalyptic fiction or an end of times scenario of the Wackingers? Crazy machines, wicked vehicles, Sir Henry´s fire machines and 30 meters flames, cage fights. Dancers will dance on the zenith of our world to the post apocalyptic music of Megabosch. Unbelievable scenario`s will await you! Dance with us until the end of time.



This year there will be a lot of different fire show acts moving the whole night long through the Wackinger Village area (daily schedule from 10.00 pm to 03.00 am)



A lot of surprises and ongoing walking acts will await you on the area the whole day long - Be it torturers or minnesang, acrobatics or beggars – musicians will be anyway everywhere…


There will be also a lot of unique specials on each day:


Friday 06.00 pm – in front of the Wackinger Stage: “Take off your Armor – Compare the Horns!” The medieval challenge with “Feuerschwanz”


Tug war against the boat crew:

Wed: 04.00pm + 07.00pm

Tue-Sat: 02.00pm + 08.pm

(Applications can be done directly at the boat)


Meet & Greet

Harpyie: wednesday, 31st of July, at 04.30 pm - Wasteland

Feuerschwanz: Thursday, 1st of August, at 04.30 pm - Mead boat

Impius Mundi: We-Sa each at 06.00 pm - Wasteland

Faun: thursday, 1st of August tba - Wasteland/ Shishatent


The complete running order of the Wackinger Village will follow later this day...