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Created by Wacken-Martin

Winners of the christmas lottery part 2

The winners of the SAXON christmas lottery are the following metalheads...thanx for sending us your answers!


You´re winning a W:O:A Shirt and the current poster 2004:


1. Mike Reineke (Bassum/Germany)

2. Jörg Weißleder (Voerde/Germany)

3. Juan Nunez (Toronto/Canada)

4. Christian Fischer (Hellingen/Germany)

5. Thomas Hinz (Ingersheim/Germany)

6. Jurij Vrtacnik (Tolmin/Slovenia)

7. Conny Niemann (Essen/Germany)

8. Didi Schulz (Hamburg/Germany)

9. Sarah Renzi (Ancona/Italy)

10. Rene Larsen (Ishøj/Danmark)


The shirts and posters will send to the winners this week!


Heavy Metal merchandise and all products about the W:O:A you get at


Your W:O:A Team