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Created by Wacken-Martin

Winners of the MOTÖRMORPHÖSIS lottery!

The winners of the MOTÖRMORPHÖSIS lottery are the following metalheads...thanx for sending us so many mails.


You´re winning a MOTÖRMORPHÖSIS promotion CD:


1. Jessica Schulte (Emstek/Germany)

2. Thorsten Beermann (Bayreuth/Germany)

3. Vladimirs Kravchenko (Riga/Latvija)

4. Leila Ahnert (Sankt Augustin/Germany)

5. Jean-Luc M. Fautous (Dax/France)

6. Mads Jörgensen (Herlev/Danmark)

7. Pawel Potkin (Kurganskaja/Russia)

8. Stefan Petersen (Fleckeby/Germany)

9. Tero Osmo (Oulu/Finland)

10. Renato Velasco Dubon (Miami/U.S.A.)


The CDs will send to the winners this week!


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Your W:O:A Team