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Created by Wacken-Helge

W:O:A Hot Wheel

Dear Metalheads,


besides all those car- and bike tuners we proudly present the newest work of „Pimp My Rolli“ tuner Karsten! The gem is equipped - amongst other stuff – with the following metal-festival-features:


- pirate flag (for RUNNING WILD)

- LED position light (red) on top of the flag staff to find the crowd

- 2 x crook holder made of W:O:A beercups

- 2 matte black fenders with tribal paint job

- 2 matte black disc wheels with Wacken place-name sign & W:O:A logo painted on it

- beercup holder attached to handle bar

- LED headlight and taillight

- frame down tube and cross members fully equipped with LEDs (battery below the seat, lasts approximately 15 minutes)

- backrest cover with W:O:A logo (inked, not patched)

- extra thick seat cushion for standing a multi-day festival

- ProActiv race fork with brake

- extra fat tires (for mud races)

- lots of bits and pieces


The self-proclaimed “HighTech-Wacken Rollstuhl” got signed in for the “Pimp My Rolli”, a contest held by a trade show for rehab technique, has won several preliminary rounds and has entered finals now!


With this vehicle there should be no troubles on any festival as long as wheelchair parking areas are big enough. Have a nice ride – votes from our side are a sure thing.


The owner would surely feel pleased by your votes too!



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W:O:A team