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Created by WackenHelge

W:O:A Memories 2012

The Wacken Open Air is over and for sure a lot of you shot dozens of pictures during the festival. Regardless of whether it be campgrounds, the beer garden or the Wackinger Village - Nice motives can be found everywhere!


So what is better than presenting your personal festival memories in a photobook in official Wacken layout or as high quality poster or canvas prints? Right - nothing!


Corresponding to this we also offer W:O:A Memories in this year again!


You can use this editor (created together with our partner Jenomics) to print your favorite self-taken pictures or the pictures from our official festival photographers in, for example, the W:O:A Memories photo books (the layout for 2012 will be released shortly after the festival) or choose from several different products and layouts to create complete unique products.


As if that wasn't already enough we have prepared a special gift for you – Each customer which enters a special voucher code during the payment process will get a discount of 5€ on his order (minimum order 20€).


The code is simply: wacken


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Further info plus a short step by step instruction can be found in our specials corner under W:O:A Memoriesor directly at the Wacken Memories Landingpage