Behaviour during the arrival and on the campgrounds!

07/31/2017 created by WackenHelge

Lots of people have already begun their journey to Wacken and we once again want to refer to our current journey info.

Please also consider the following:
  • In case of a traffic jam please form and emergency corridor so that rescue forces can arrive at the scene of accident! This does also apply for the campgrounds!

  • Further we want to point out that ANY kind of pyrotechnics as well as drones are prohibited on the festival grounds as well as on the camping areas! Any infringements will be visited with an immediate ban from the festival grounds.

  • As announced before the total length of vehicles is limited to 11 meters and the maximum weight to 3.5 tons.

Please follow these instructions to ensure a safe and peaceful arrival for all metalheads.

W:O:A team

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