Bruce Dickinson: "Wacken is enormous fun!"

09/15/2008 created by Wacken-Helge

It's a well-known that Bruce Dickinson cannot sit still: He isn't only singing in a little band called Iron Maiden, he also works as an airline pilot and has his own radio show on BBC.

In the broadcast on August 15, his guest was renowned music book author Joel McIver. Both happened to talk about the festivals they know and compared Download, Bloodstock and our beloved Wacken. Here's what Dickinson had to say: "Having done Wacken and seeing how it’s grown, Wacken is enormous fun! It’s just great, you wander around and see all the sideshows and bits and bobs and everything else. I was seriously taken with the armour manufacturing… „I’m gonna get myself measured up for a suit – of armour!“ So it’s just a fabulous weekend!"

Here's the link to Bruce Dickinson's radio show: - live on Friday night (21:00-00:00) or as a stream during the following week

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