Bull’s Eye Raffle - The Winners

07/29/2014 created by WackenHelge

The Bull´s Eye raffle is over and we can now announce the lucky winners which can pickup their prices tomorrow at the Bull´s Eye stand on the festival ground:

The big kettle grill goes to:
Andreas M. from Niederstotzingen

The 10 BBQ-Packages, including serceral tasty BBQ sauces go to:
Daniel S. from Niederbipp (Switzerland)
Diana S. from Kassel
Saniela B. from Haan
Anne B. from Offenbach
Jonas P. from Laundau an der Pfalz
Manfred J. from Wien (Austria)
Marc Nickel from Stade
Steffen L. from Edewecht
Madalin D. C. from Sibiu (Romania)
Cássio C. from Coimbra (Portugal)

All winners will be also informed via e-mail!

We wish all winners a lot of fun and Bon appétit!


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