Cashless Payment at W:O:A 2018 - charge your credit now!

07/05/2018 created by WackenJasper

At W:O:A 2018 it will again be possible to buy drinks, food and other items with our cashless payment system. Almost all stalls on the site are involved, only a few stalls on the campsite and the stalls and shops in the village are not part of the system.

As usual, our cashless payment system remains optional - it is still possible to pay in cash!

Your Cashless Payment card is also your ticket for W:O:A 2018. It is important to remember, that the plastic card (W:O:A Card) on the back of the paper ticket is your ticket for W:O:A. The paper ticket is worthless and does not allow access to the site!

Together with our partner simply-X, we refined the system again after the last W:O:A and incorporated your positive and negative criticism into the revision.

From now on you can access the web portal, register your card and transfer funds to your card! You can find the web portal here.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Your purse with the important papers and cards can stay at home, in your car or one of our lockers - so less of value can be lost!

  • With every transaction you can see how much money is deducted and how much money remains on the card. A detailed list of transactions you can also see in our web portal - so you always have full control!

  • Money can be charged both before the festival and on-site at any time - so you do not have to go to the ATM regularly!

  • The chargeback after the festival runs automatically - you can optionally donate your remaining balance to a non-profit organization.

  • If you lose a banknote, the money is lost - a lost or stolen card, however, can be immediately blocked by you and the remaining balance will be returned to you after the event.

More details about the Cashless Payment can be found here.

Click here for the Cashless web portal.

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