Cashless Payment – Create your account now and save time

07/30/2017 created by WackenHelge

Very soon the first metalheads will arrive at the Holy Land. If you want to test our optional Cashless Payment on the infield of W:O:A 2017, we suggest you create your account beforehand.

We do this for reasons of convenience and safety:
  • With your account ready, you can transfer money to it from home and thereby save time once you are at the festival. Simply show your QR code at one of the four counters / terminals (as marked on the Holy Wacken Land Plan), have it scanned and charge your card.

  • It would also suffice to create an account and add your bank data in order to refund the remaining money after the festival. It is possible to transfer money at the festival’s terminals mentioned above, and online with your smartphone.

  • If you have an active account it will be automatically linked to your cashless card as soon as you receive it, you can have it blocked online or at on-site anytime in case of loss or theft. Should you pick up a card at the festival without having an account created (which is possible by charging with EC- or credit card) beforehand, we advise to take a photo of it in order to have the card’s number at the ready.

All information on the process of paying cashless at W:O:A can be found on the dedicated page.

The account creation is possible on, the page can also be easily reach through our App.

We would like to state again that the use of cashless payment is totally optional, cash is accepted all over the infield, too.

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