Door 23 - progressive tunes and a portion Groove

12/23/2015 created by WackenJasper

Today's bands are primarily about Progressive Metal - but we also have a gread addition for Groove Metal fans!

Lamb of God
When Lamb of God played at Wacken Open Air 2013, a real elemental force was unleashed. And now they will return for their second show! The Groove machine from the USA has just released it's new album VII: Sturm und Drang and got another Grammy nomination (for the song 512) - we can't wait to see these guys again!

More about Lamb of God

Symphony X
Progressive and Power Metal are working fine together, this is no secret. And one of the best and most important bands of this genre is Symphony X! The band is active since 1994 and has released nine studio albums so far. But they have never played in Wacken before.. so get ready for their debut!

Moreabout Symphony X

Here comes some Djent! Monuments from London is one of the hottest newcomers of the Progessive Metal scene and they are going to rock you at Wacken. The band was found in 2009 and has already released two studio albums and one EP.

More about Monuments

What happens if you mix Heavy Metal and Jazz? Panzerballett are trying to figure it out since 2004. They are both playing self-composed songs and interpretations of known Metal, Rock and Jazz songs. This special mixture and a fancy show are the trademark of the band. Fans of sophisticated tunes should check them out for sure!

More about Panzerballett

And here are the x-mas winners from the 22nd of december 2015:
Mirko F - Dresden
Thomas T - Buchholz
Mario W - Breitungen
Iuliia M - Kiev (Ukraine)
Manuel V - Jaen (Spain)

All winners will be informed by mail!

Tomorrow we will announce the next band and xmas winners!


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