Door 7 – In Flames are returning to Wacken!

12/07/2017 created by WackenJasper

Behind the seventh door it flickers alarmingly, flames and cannon crackers are competing with a unique light show to get our attention. What does that mean? Well, our friends from In Flames will return to Wacken!

In Flames
The Swedish Melodic Death Metal band In Flames certainly doesn’t need a huge presentation here - their shows at Wacken are in a class of their own, there is hardly another band, that gets so much energy activated within the crowd.

Since its founding in 1990, the sound of the band has evolved continuously, each new album has its own peculiarities that sets it apart from its predecessors - and yet In Flames have always remained In Flames.

Whether the label Melodic Death Metal is still tenable or not, is a discussion that is busily conducted - but actually it is secondary, because the main thing is that the band continues to deliver as usual. And this happens of course!

And here are the x-mas winners from the 6th of December 2017:
Oliver R - Mommenheim
Jörg-marten H - Sankt michaelisdonn
Thilo G - Garbsen
Thomas B - Memmingen
Anika G - Köln

All winners will be informed by email!

Tomorrow we will announce the next bands and xmas winners!

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