Free tattoos and running order for Hamburg Metal Dayz 2016

08/11/2016 created by WackenReuter

How about a free tattoo of W:O:A's or Hamburg Metal Dayz' logo? No problem, Ventor, drummer for thrash titans Kreator and passionate tattoo artist, will be present at Hamburg Metal Dayz 2016 and will do exactly that for some winners. If you want to participate, please send an email to until August 31. The winners will be informed until September 9 (IMPORTANT: You have to own a ticket for Hamburg Metal Dayz).

Furthermore, we can now present you with this year's running order, which you can find over at! Tickets are available from Metaltix!

Hamburg Metal Dayz 2016
Concerts: Equilibrium, Primordial, Russkaja, Heidevolk, Nothgard, UMC
Panels & Workshops: Jörg Sonntag, Sascha Paeth & Felix Bohnke, Andreas Schiffmann & Holger Schmenk and more

Concerts: D-A-D, Gloryhammer, Orden Ogan, Pyogenesis, Steak Number Eight, Godsnake, The New Black
Panels & Workshops: W:O:A-Veranstalter, Tim Eckhorst and more

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