Full Metal Cruise III - On shore concerts and lay times

06/18/2015 created by WackenHelge

Ahoy Metalheads,

There will be a few changes regarding the course of the third Full Metal Cruise, based on your feedback! The surveys of both previous Cruises are telling us, that you want more time on Sea and that you don’t need the on-shore concerts. That means: More rocking and headbanging on the ship and parties without overlapping’s with on shore shows.

According to this, we have the adjusted arrival and departure times in the harbors and according to this there will be no on shore concerts at this Cruise.

The adjusting in detail:

We will leave Copenhagen already at 19:00 on the 28th of August and reach Gothenburg at 09:30 on the 29th of August. This harbor will be left at 19:00 too, what increases the time on Sea once more.

This information will also be sent to you via e-mail.

We hope we served you well with this and are looking forward to rock the seas once more!

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