Full Metal Cruise III - Printable Running Order available for download plus content of the Cruise Bag revealed!

08/14/2015 created by WackenHelge

Ahoy metalheads,

Today we have uploaded the printable Running Order of the Full Metal Cruise III. You can donwload it as pdf version and print it at home.

Click here to download it!

Further we can reveal the content of the Cruise Bag which every Cruisaider will get on board!

The bag contains the following items:
- A FMC Ball Pen
- A rain poncho
- A condom
- The FMC III Lanyard Pass
- A FMC III Patch
- The FMC III Postcard
- A Sea Sickness Bag
- Ear Plug
- And last but not least some special surprise gimmicks

Stay tuned! More info will follow soon!

Everything else about the FMC III at: www.full-metal-cruise.com

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