Full Metal Cruise V - Music to listen and music to participate!

03/15/2017 created by WackenJasper

The Full Metal Cruise V program gets some new additions!

Ready for some rough metal? Belphegor will hit the upcoming Cruise with their dark Death Metal! If you have some spare time between fun at the pool and wellnes, use it for their blastbeats, growls and heavy riff attacks. The Austrian band will surely be the hardest act at the Cruise - be sure to catch them!

Mambo Kurt - Rehearsal room party reloaded
Once doesn't count - the rehearsal room party with Mambo Kurt returns!

This is not about perfection, but about the fun to play music together. So bring your instruments and rock the stage with Mambo! We will care about the beer support!

If you want to take part, feel free to write uns an email to contact@full-metal-cruise.com, this will help us coordinate everything. But you could also just walk in and check if their is a free slot available during the party. Of course, you can only partictipate if you have booked a cabin for the Cruise V.

All information about the Cruise is available at www.full-metal-cruise.com!

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