Full:Metal:Bag 2015 - Update

06/19/2015 created by WackenHelge

It has been a while since we announced the content of this years Full:Metal:Bag but we have decided to add one more handy item to bag.

Besides well known items like the rain poncho, the foldable water bottle, the patch and so on we have added an S shaped cloth hook. Believe it or not but with this handy item you can hang up your clothes and / or your Full:Metal:Bag to protect them from dirt or wetness. For example if you are at the shower camp and donĀ“t know where to hang up your clothes (or the F:M:B or any other bag containing them) than you now have hopefully one problem less.

We hope that we can simplify your festival experience just another bit more with this tiny extra goodie and hope you like it!

The entire content of the F:M:B and additional info can be found HERE

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