Full:Metal:Bag 2016

01/04/2016 created by WackenHelge

2015 is over and today we can already present you the Full:Metal:Bag for 2016! As always, the F:M:B will be available for free at our wristband exchange.

New in the F:M:B:

Based on the feedback we got, we will now give you a set of W:O:A plasters! So if you for example cut your fingers on a can of ravioli, step into a sharp stone or need to treat any other minor injuries and ouchies you will from now on be well prepared!

And in addition: The foldable water bottle will return! This bottle allows you to take a soft drink with you to the stage areas without worrying about things like the allowed size of your Tetra Pak. And when the bottle is empty, you can fold it until you need it again! Also the s-shaped cloth hook we introduced in the last year will be part of the bag again.

Check out all item of the F:M:B 2016:

1. Postcard - can be send directly from the festival ground.
2. Patch - patch with current WOA Logo.
3. Sticker - sticker with current WOA Logo.
4. History Pass Laminate - laminated pass with 2014 poster layout
5. Magnet - Magnet with W:O:A 2014 layout (can be used on freezers for example)
6. Rain Poncho - rain protection
7. Ear Plugs - ear protection
8. Ball Pen
9. Foldable Water Bottle – (not only) for the stage areas.
10. S-shaped cloth hook
11. Set of plasters (new!)
12. FMB Backpack - Includes the FMB Items and can be used as backpack during the festival.

Important! Only while stock lasts!

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