Grailknights launch own comic!

05/15/2015 created by WackenHelge

The band Grailknights, known for their powerful, theatrical performances, have published their own interactive comic in cooperation with artist Timo Würz. The first pages allow a breathtaking view into the Grailknights Universe - the place where Grailknights' music and show is all about.

Grailknights fans have the possibility to write ideas and suggestions about the further course of the story - so they can actively take part in creating the band's history. All participants can win CDs, signed comics and of course their names will be written on the next issue.

Finally, don't miss Grailknights first pyro show at Wacken Open Air 2015, Wednesday 29.07, right before New Model Army and Europe!

The comic itself and further information can be found here:

direct link to the comic:

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