Hamburg Metal Dayz 2015: Triptykon will replace God Seed

08/26/2015 created by WackenHelge

Hello Metalheads,

Unfortunately, God Seed have to cancel their show at the upcoming Hamburg Metal Dayz on 25th September.

Here is the band´s statement:
"God Seed will unfortunately no longer perform at Hamburg Metal Dayz.
For various reasons, we will be making changes within the band that cannot be settled in time for this show.
We apologize to both the fans and organisers of the event."

But we already have a great replacement: Triptykon

Arisen from the ashes of Celtic Frost the project of Thomas Gabriel Fischer has been founded in 2008 and there are two albums and one EP released yet. Musically every Black- /Death-Metal fan will be satisfied – hard and bone dry riffs meet dark melodies combined with Tom Fischer´s unique voice.

Here comes the recent Line-Up:
25.09.: Godsized, Belle La Donna, By The Patient, Kommando, Koldbrann, Mantar, Triptykon
26.09.: Tenside, Belle La Donna, Axxis, Panzer, Beyond The Black, Uli Jon Roth, W.A.S.P.

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