Important update: Heavy vehicles, campervans and caravans at W:O:A 2017!

02/24/2017 created by WackenJasper

Dear Metalheads,
we had big problems with heavy vehicles, campervans and caravans in the last years, most of you will have noticed this by yourselves. Due to this, we stated that there could be a ban or extra charges for this vehicles in the future.

After many meetings, analyses and conversations, we now came to the follwing result: There will be no new restrictions at this topic for 2017!

That means: We will not take any extra charges or ban more vehicles in 2017! But as in the last years, we can't allow vehicles with more than 3,5 tons or 11 meters length and all kinds of tractors.

We will study the situation this year very strictly and maybe have to adjust this for 2018 and later years. The problems made by heavy vehicles are varied and we need you to help us at this topic! Less cars and/or better usage of the capactiy shouldn't be a big deal for many camps.

The core of the problem: The amount of cars at the camping area is rising every year while the amount of people is constant. At the same time, the vehicles get both bigger and heavier. Especially when we get bad weather, this combination is creating big problems. We don't want to set up annoying rules like "at least 3 people in one car", so we ask you for assistance!

Please help us to relax the situation! Tweak your travel plans with your friends, maybe you can save one or two cars or a trailer without dropping to much equipment. It would help us a lot and unbend the situation for everyone.

We hope that you understand the problem and we look forward to a loud, wild and great W:O:A once again! If you still need a ticket, feel free to order it here at!

See you in Wacken, Rain or Shine!

Yours W:O:A-crew

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