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08/16/2016 created by WackenJasper

Dear Metalheads,

the presale for Wacken Open Air 2017 has started about a week ago and still is in full swing – once again we have to say: Thank you!

W:O:A is shaped by you, the fans – you are the heart and soul of the festival. With every year, we are more overwhelmed and moved with the loyalty you show us. For years the festival has been sold out in advance. 2008, when Iron Maiden played for the first time, we had no tickets left in March. For 2013, we could announce the Sold Out in September. The last three editions of W:O:A were completely sold out about two days after the start of the presale. We can't stress enough how privileged we feel about this and your continued support. We are especially glad since we know that we can't take this for granted.

This year, all 10.000 X-Mas Tickets found their owners within five minutes, after 40 minutes 40.000 regular tickets had been ordered. After 16 hours, a total of 65.000 tickets was sold. We are still baffled about this (especially after the latest festival cancellations, bad weather conditions, higher prices and security concerns all over the world in mind)! This shows us: You are the greatest fans in the world! We are extremely proud and motivated by your incredible loyalty.

We are also honored by the fact that some fans and media outlets, who have been accompanying us and W:O:A for years with their positive, yet objective coverage (a thank you for this is due to all journalists, too), show concern that not we're not yet sold out. But one thing we have to make absolutely clear: It has never been our goal to be sold out within eight hours or to get to that point faster. We are confident that all tickets will be in your hands by the end of 2016.

Trust us when we say that we consider your support a gift, one that we are truly grateful for. As of now we are working hard on evaluating W:O:A 2016 and preparing 2017's edition and the program we want to present to you.

The starting signal for the first tickets and t-shirts to be shipped to you is drawing nearer, too. In a few weeks, the first of you will have the parcels in your post box! If there are uncertainties concerning your order, don't hesitate to contact the colleagues at!

The next bands for W:O:A 2017 will presumably be announced at Hamburg Metal Dayz.

Tickets for next year's Wacken Open Air are available at

Your tired, yet highly motivated W:O:A crew

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