Metal 4 Nature - Save Your Holy Land

07/20/2012 created by WackenHelge

Once again , at this year’s Wacken Open Air there will be different activities under the slogan „Metal 4 Nature – Save your holy land“.

As in the past years our “Trash-Mobiles” will be touring at the campsite during the day to pick up your waste bags. You also can get rid of your garbage at the waste stations situated at the sanitary- camp.

Additionally to this offers there will be several innovations in this year:

To separate reusable resources from the residual waste, there will be stations at which these resources will be collected.This campaign is financed by the disposal of the recyclable material. A possible surplus will be donated to the Wacken Foundation, since it provides voluntary employees to accomplish this campaign.

Furthermore in this year there will be tested, if it is possible to replace the productions motor pool with electric vehicles.
Another section of the project “Save your holy land“ is going to be a trial of an office container, which works as an energy-self-sufficient island. It will be provided with energy from solar panels on its roof. The Wacken Foundation will have their office in this container, which can also be visited. You can find this Container at the Wacken Foundation Camp.
We have to thank the company SolarDirect from Itzehoe for offering the equipment for the container trial, as well as the procuring of the electro vehicles.

A so called SleepingCan which is likewise offered from SolarDirect, equipped with solar panels, will be presented for the first time at the Wacken Open Air 2012. A visit in this can is worth it! Try it out by yourself and find out, how the future overnight accommodation for an Open Air feels like.

All info and projects in detail under: Metal4Nature


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