Metal-Battle 2016 – Further Finalists confirmed

06/30/2016 created by WackenHelge

Today we can supply you with more reinforcements for the billing. Five new Metal Battle finalists have been chosen. These bands come from Belgium, Bulgaria, Japan, Latvia and Poland.

Let’s begin with Belgium: Carrion is the name of the winner band which was founded in Ghent in 2007. Being a cover band in the beginning they quickly became a death meta band with own songs. In 2012 they finished and released their first album „Revelations“.
Now after they won the national Metal Battle finale they are also working on their second album which release date will be in fall 2016.

LieVeil is the finalist from Bulgaria. Founded in 2010 the band in their beginning days was nothing more than a music experiment of 2 friends which grew to a full band.
The sound of the band is a mix of thrash-, death and progressive metal and was impressive enough to let the national Metal Battle jury coronate LieVeil as winner of this years competition. Meanwhile the band has 4 members and released 2 full albums to this date.

Vimoksha were founded 2010 in Japan and already participated in the Metal Battle in 2015. This year they managed to reach the pole position and will represent Japan at this years finale in Wacken.

Let’s proceed with Latvia and its winner band Preternatural. In their home country the band belongs to the most known and most innovative bands of the genre. Their album released in 2007 helped them to get shows with metal giant like Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Vader, Nile and many more.
Their music can be described as a mixture of death-, black metal and dark ambient.

Last but not least we want to introduce Calm Hatchery from Poland. The band is playing finest death metal. They were founded in 2002 in the town Bialystok and released their debut in 2004. The follow up album called „Sacrilege in Humanity“ was released in 2010 and their third and current album „Fading Reliefs“ in 2014. During all this years the band played a lot of successful shows and tours with bands like Vader, Behemoth, Napalm Death and many more famous metal bands.

Congratulations to all finalists! We are looking forward to see you all live on stage at the finale in Wacken!

The next finalists will be announced very very soon so stay tuned!

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