Metal Battle - Further finalists and news regarding the preliminaries

05/18/2017 created by WackenHelge

The Metal Battle is on its way and the preliminaries and finals take place in many participating countries. In April and May five more finalists have been found.

Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Uruguay and South Africa introduce their participants.

Mexico - Jet Jaguar:
Jet Jaguar are traveling to Wacken from Mexico, the band was founded in 2014. They play Heavy Metal with some modern influences.

Iceland - Une Misère:
A group of artists from different hardcore bands joined forces to create Une Misère.
Having been an active band for only one year and releasing their first single via Heavyblogisheavy, they were booked this summer for Icelandic premiere metal festival.

Norway - Vorbid:
Vorbid from Norway combine Trash Metal with melodic and progressive elements from Prog Rock. As their biggest role models, they describe Megadeath and Kreator as well as Pink Floyd.

Uruguay - Soulless Faith:
Soulles Faith are from Montevideo, Uruguay and play Melodic Death Metal. The band was founded in 2014.

South Africa - Megalodon:
Megalodon from Cape Town, South Africa has been around since 2010 and its self-destined goal is to destroy solar systems with their terror metal.

Congratulations to all the finalists, see you in Wacken!

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