Metal Battle Germany - The finalists for the national finale are fixed!

06/14/2016 created by WackenHelge

Since past Friday we know that Ebony Wall from Annaberg-Buchholz are the second band to participate in the German Metal Battle final at Dong Open Air! Their power metal will compete with the death metal of Syndemic from Hamburg, to reach the international and final round at W:O:A!

The two of them will be the opening acts at Dong Open Air and will be sharing the stage with bands like Testament, Amorphis, Bloodbath, Haggard, Rage, Equilibrium and many more highlights and perls from the undergound.

You want to be there? Then send a message to and write which year it was that the German Metal Battle final was already carried out there (check the news-section at Off all senders 3 x 1 ticket will be raffled!

Deadline will be June 19th, 2016. There is no right of appeal.

Dong Open Air 2016 Trailer:

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