Metal-Battle - New preliminary dates plus an interview featuring Plague Throat (MB finalist India 2014)

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After we have confirmed the first finalist for this year´s edition of Metal-Battle we can now announced the next preliminary dates from around the world.

Amongst others Metal Battle participants Central America, Switzerland and France have announced their upcoming shows. Find more dates HERE

Further we have done in anterview with last year´s finalist from India as first part of our Metal-Battle stories series.

Bands which participated in the last years introduced us to the metal scene in their home countries, how the participation into the contest influenced their careers and which experience they earned during their trip to Wacken.

Check it out:

India with a population of more than 1.2 billion people is after China the country with the highest population of the world. But it’s also the home base of the band PLAGUE THROAT who won the Metal Battle India in 2014. Vocalist and guitarist Nangsan consented to answer us some questions about his band, their show at the W:O:A 2014 and the metal scene in his country.

Let’s start with something general. Can you describe the Indian metal scene to someone who never had been to your country before? Are there any specials or something very typical?

The Indian scene is pretty much on the process of growing year after year. More people are getting involved with it. The scene has seen some steady progress over the years. More gigs happening, be it underground or the mainstream ones.

International bands coming down on a regular basis. Yeah so you can say it's growing.
There is nothing typical about the scene here. It's as same as metal is used to be. It's a community with like minded people in the same path.

But yes there are few individuals in different parts of the country who started the actual scene in their respective places.

Places like Bangalore, Mumbai, Shillong, Kolkata and Hyderabad has a pretty good underground scene and a decent dedicated bunch of people. More power in the near future.

Can you tell us a bit about the history of PLAGUE THROAT? How did you start the band? Were there any problems you had to face in the beginning or are there any you still have to struggle with?

We started as a four member band but our guitarist had to leave due to personal reasons.
We did not want to stop there so our vocalist picked up the guitar and started practicing. It was then that we established ourselves as a three-piece band.

There were many problems initially owing to the fact that being in a metal band is not a wise career choice for people in India and people were always skeptical about it because it is next to impossible to earn through this path.

How does Indian society deal with metal? Is it something that takes place in public? Do metal shows often take place or is this something really rare?

Being a Metal musician is mostly looked upon as something bad here but there are also a vast number of people who are very much influenced by Metal in their day to day lives so it has comparatively changed from maybe ten or fifteen years ago.

We have metal shows but most of them are being initiated by musicians and people with a passion for it, except some bigger gigs where well-known international bands play, which are run by various event managers.

In retro perspective is there something you think you’ll never forget about the W:O:A or what do you think was the best experience at the festival?

Playing at WOA was the band's greatest achievement and we would love to get a chance to visit again.
It was a really different experience from the shows we play here. There were many things about WOA that appealed to us.

It had everything needed for a good metal diet and satisfied every craving of ours. Hospitality was also amazing.

Please tell us a bit about your plans for PLAGUE THROAT. What’s next for you guys and are there any goals you would like to reach in the future?

We are currently immersed in making new music. An album is what we hope to get done by next year's second half.

As for now, we are playing gigs in and around India and involved in organizing gigs in our hometown, Shillong.

We hope to land a good record deal soon.

Until then we will remain independent.

And here is a live performance of one of their songs live at Wacken 2014:

Stay tuned! Further news, finalists and interviews will follow soon!

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