More bands for Full Metal Cruise II

09/20/2014 created by WackenJasper

Ahoy Metalheads,

after announcing FMC III in August, we now present the latest news on FMC II. Five new acts have been added to the billing, a balanced mixture of experienced FMC attendees and first-timers:

Blaze Bayley is the first new addition. Who doesn't know him? When Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden in 1993, he was chosen from 1.000 singers as his sucessor. In 1999 he started his solo carreer and has since then been a most important part of the Heavy Metal scene.

Being part of FMC for the first time, Endstille will prove their seaworthiness, since they play Black Metal with the “power of heavy ship-artillery“ according to their biography.

Stormwarrior could already gain some experience in playing on a ship as a part of the Metaltörns' line-up – this time, the band around Lars Ramcke will rock the high seas with us!

With Sodom Tom Angelripper co-founded German Thrash Metal, with his band Onkel Tom he puts up a hell of a show. A fact he will prove again with his FMC gig.

Last but not least, Bembers will launch a formidable firework of Heavy Metal Comedy with his „Best of Solo Shows“ programme.

See you onboard!

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