Official survey for the size of cups at the W:O:A 2016

10/15/2015 created by WackenJasper

Dear Metalheads,
the size of cups at W:O:A has been changed during the past several times, while currently most of the drinks are served in 0,3 liter cups, as it has been once again in the past.

During the Hamburg Metal Dayz talk between fans and crew members, where every fan worldwide had the chance to send an application, this has been one of the highly debated topics.

This is why we wanted to start an official survey, to know which cup´s size is the most wanted one. You have the choice between the recent 0,3 liter cups or 0,4 liter cups, which have been used before.

Here it goes to the survey, and of course the participation is anonymous!

More specific results of the talk will be presented in the following months – and we want to thank all participants again for their time!

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