Panels and workshops for Hamburg Metal Dayz 2016 announced

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In September, metal fans and insiders will gather for the fifth Hamburg Metal Dayz. With concerts by bands like Equilibrium, Primordial oder D-A-D, the musical side of the event held at Markthalle Hamburg is already known, but as always there will be plenty of opportunity to learn from professionals and gather valuable insights into the world of heavy music.

Today, we can announce the first panels and workshops:

One of the guests on Friday, September 23rd, director Jörg Sonntag, will present his documentary "Die Geburt des Krachs - Die Anfänge des Heavy Metal". With performances by Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or Black Sabbath as featured in the legendary tv show "Beat-Club" and exclusive interviews with musicians like Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne, Sonntag paints an insightful picture of a culture in the making.

Sascha Paeth and Felix Bohnke are well-known, especially in the German metal scene. Having played with bands like Avantasia, Edguy, Kamelot and Epica, they were able to achieve great expertise as musicians and are eager to share their knowledge. For their workshop at Hamburg Metal Dayz, Paeth and Bohnke will focus on drums, bass and rhythm guitar and their meaning for the whole band. Of course, discussions about equipment and techniques are to be expected.

While Jörg Sonntag focuses on the roots of metal, Andreas Schiffmann (author for Rock Hard magazine) and Holger Schmenk (historian and non-fiction author) have found a rather special niche: Their books "Kumpels in Kutten 1 & 2" (with the latter being scheduled for release in Fall) deliver a portrait of the metal scene in the Ruhr area of Germany with bands like Kreator, Sodom and Grave Digger and the special infrastructure of clubs and record stores.

Saturday, September 24th is the day for fans and W:O:A promoters Holger Hübner and Thomas Jensen to get in contact and discuss the metal festival. Be it new ideas, interesting questions or a little bit of gossip, Hübner and Jensen will offer insights into Wacken Open Air and are excited about the chance to talk to the fans and profit from their ideas.

Graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist Tim Eckhorst might best be known to Wacken fans for his highly detailed drawings of artists, but he is involved in many additional projects. In his "Heavy Metal Design Lectures" he takes a closer look at the visual components of the metal scene like record sleeves, tour posters or backdrops and analyzes them from a designers point of view - something to look forward to!

The other panels, workshops and discussions held at Hamburg Metal Dayz 2016 will be announced soon - until then you can already preorder your tickets at!

Hamburg Metal Dayz 2016
Concerts: Equilibrium, Primordial, Russkaja, Heidevolk, Nothgard, UMC
Panels & Workshops: Jörg Sonntag, Sascha Paeth & Felix Bohnke, Andreas Schiffmann & Holger Schmenk and more

Concerts: D-A-D, Gloryhammer, Orden Ogan, Pyogenesis, Steak Number Eight, Godsnake, The New Black
Panels & Workshops: W:O:A promoters, Tim Eckhorst and more

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