Premiere of the Wrestling Slam Tent

07/27/2016 created by WackenHelge

Get in the ring: During the W:O:A 2016 professional wrestlers will fight against each other and bring some spectacular entertainment to the festival.

This year we celebrate the great premiere of the exclusive Wrestling Slam Tent, in which not only grown men crash into the canvas, but also Poetry Slam with great “In-your-face”-literature will be organized! The Wrestling Slam Tent is located beside the “Bullhead City Circus” and is the best platform for the sweat-inducing and challenging competition.

Be there to see no less than Sexstar Steinbolt, Demolition Davies or Bente Varlemann and Schriftstehler.

Check out this message from Martin "The Crusher" Ruder regarding the upcoming wrestling shows:

Here is the list of the participating wrestlers:
Ban The Hammer, Cardinal Colen, Chaos The Sailor, Deolition Davies, Goatmen Logan, Heimo Ukonsälka, Müller, Nikita, Pete White, Scotty Glam, Sexstar Steinbolt, Straight Edge Schenk, VIP und natürlich Martin "The Crusher" Ruder in der Moderation.

And here are the participating poetry slammers:
Bente Varlemann, Björn Högsdal, Danny Koch, Hannes Maasz, Helge Albrecht, Jörg Schwedler, Lennart Hamann, Liefka Würdemann, Michel Kühn, Schriftstehler, Stefan Schwarck, Thomas Langkau, Wehwalt Koslowsky

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