Project "Festivalzombie" – We need your feedback

12/08/2016 created by WackenReuter

Zombies are metal, W:O:A is metal – why don't we combine those two things? That's what Fritjof thought who has now presented us his idea for the "Festivalzombie" project. Fritjof was an intern in Wacken a few years ago and has been working for the festival's logistic department in the last year.

He is planning to conceive and produce a zombie movie which is to be shot at Wacken Open Air. He and his team will organize the production and set up everything logistically. The most important part is that you will be encouraged to partake in all aspects, be it as an actor, in writing the script, in design and so on. Your ideas and suggestions will be discussed online so you can always stay up to date and help developing the movie.

Since this project can't be realized without your approval and support, we would like to have your feedback on this first: Do you like the concept? Does it fit W:O:A? Would you like to be a part of "Festivalzombie"? Do you already have suggestions? Let us know! Please send us an email to or comment under this post on Facebook!

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