Punk and Hardcore behind the 8th door

12/08/2017 created by WackenJasper

Today we release our documentary Punk and Metal at W:O:A at WackenTV - and today's X-Mas Calendar door fits to this of course!

Hardcore, Hatecore, Metalcore, Metallic Hardcore - many descriptions have already been used for Hatebreed. One thing is for sure: Hatebreed are kicking asses! The Americans are destroying everything since 1994. Their latest output was the album "The Concrete Confessional" in 2016 and we're looking forward to hear the new material at Wacken!

The German punk rockers of Betontod honor us again! Betontod have released their new album Revolution earlier this year and this one is as always filled with catchy tunes.

The four guys from the Rogers released their first studio album in 2013 and have already written and released two more records since then. Musically, this is more modern than many comparable artists and we look forward to their debut in Wacken!

Fro-Tee Slips
The punk rock band Fro-Tee Slips will have a short journey next year, the bands comes from the town Flensburg in northern Germany. The band is active since nearly 30 years, but never made it Wacken - until now!

And here are the x-mas winners from the 7th of December 2017:
Patrick J - Eschwege
Marko T - Moosthenning
Christina K - Büdelsdorf
Maria N - Lübeck
Stefanie J - Tornesch

All winners will be informed by email!

Tomorrow we will announce the next bands and xmas winners!

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