Reminder - Drinkable water and water supply points at W:O:A 2014

07/30/2014 created by WackenHelge

Dear Metalheads,

Sunshine over Wacken! Most of the fans have already arrived at Wacken and others are still on their way. Time to remind you of the possibilities to draw clean drinkable water on the festival ground.

A proper solution for this task are the new foldable drinking bottles which everyone of you will get within this year´s Full:Metal:Bag.

Let´s begin with the Infield - Situated on the left and on the right of True Metal Stage and Black Stage you can find 2 bigger water supply points at the sanitary facilitis. These are tagged with a well symbol on the Holy Wacken Land map (You can download it HERE). Further you can draw water on all further sanitary facilities with a washbasin. On all these points you can draw fresh drinking water FOR FREE.

Further you can buy mineral water at almost all concession stands and cocktail stands on the infield. The Beck´s stands for example will offer "Wacken Aqua" mineral water.

On the campgrounds you can draw water on the 5 big shower camps (S1-S5). The exact positions can be found on the campsite map (You can download it HERE).

We hope that we have served you well with this.


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