Running order update & more acts!

04/30/2015 created by WackenJasper

Next to an update of our running order –based on your feedback! – we can now announce further acts for W:O:A 2015.

You can find the running order here.

Wacken Metal Battle constantly seeks to promote the best metal bands in the world, giving upcoming talents the chance of their lifetime to show what they got in Metal Battle in Wacken Festival. So we´re really excited to announce our plans to bring Wacken Metal Battle to the vast metalscenes of Indonesia - one of the world´s most thriving metal scenes - a new metal frontier with thousands of upcoming and extremely talented metal bands. So to give our festival guests a kick ass taste of Indonesian metal, we bring one of Indonesias most popular death metal band to Wacken for the first time – Burgerkill.

Click here for more information about Burgerkill.

It is harvest time for Drescher! The band from Austria combines thrash metal with an accordion and lyrics in their own dialect. The music is authentic and unique and you should check out their debut album and their W:O:A show for sure!

Click here for more information about Drescher.

Welcome to the Wasteland
Again we will celebrate our own version of the end of all days at our wasteland area. Megabosch will play there again and they will team up with the heavy rockers from Monstagon who come to W:O:A for the very first time. Fascinating fire shows will round up the program at the Wasteland.

Wackinger Stage, Beergarden and Walking Acts
The colorful supporting program of W:O:A will again be filled with both Wacken debutants and veterans.

Celtica, Cultus Ferox and Vroudenspil will play at the festival for the first time ever and we’re looking forward to see them perform. Impius Mundi, Comes Vagantes, Harpyie and Ye Banished Privateers have already played the festival in the past and will return again.

The bands will play at the stages in the Wackinger Village and the Beergarden and some of them will also entertain you as walking acts!

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