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06/21/2017 created by WackenHelge

As you might have noticed we have already tested Cashless Payment on a few occasions in the last 12 months. Amongst others we did that in the beginning of this year at the Wacken Winter Nights premiere.

This has both practical and legal reasons like the so called „Registrierkassenpflicht“ (Cash register liability) which is a law that was introduced in Germany in the beginning of 2017 and will be expanded until 2020.
We as well as many other festival promoters have the choice of dealing with these new circumstances from the beginning and find the best solution or wait until it is too late. As you might imagine this was not really a difficult choice.

So now we are going into the next bigger test round: This year we are offering Cashless Payment as an alternate payment option inside the infield. That means you can pay via cash or use the cashless option.

And that’s exactly the point where you come into play because we are asking for your active attendance!

It is planned that you will get a card which can be charged multiple times with credit balance. Something similar also happened at Wacken Winter Nights but the difference is that you have to order and charge your card BEFORE the festival begins. After choosing a certain amount of credit balance you will get a QR code which will be scanned on spot to charge a card that will be handed out to you directly after. Every further recharging process will also require a cashless solution (f.e. via EC-Card, credit card or paypal).

The new payment method also brings lots of advantages:
- At the infield you always pay appropriately and therefore quickly. The overall waiting times will be shortened.
- You don't need any cash at the infield. A single card is sufficient.
- You remaining credits are always visible during the payment process.
- In case of a card loss you can simply cancel your card (after registry) and transfer your remaining balance to a new card

To get a initial conception about the size of the testing round we want to ask for your participation into a small and quick survey.

Please tell us ON THIS PAGE if you are interested into testing the cashless payment at the infield or not.

The survey is completely anonymous and we will not collect any personal data. We are asking for active participation and thank your in advance for your help!

Further detailed information about this topic and the procedure on spot will be released very soon

W:O:A team

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