The daily prize winners of December 24th

12/25/2016 created by WackenHelge

With the last daily question behind door number 24 we can now confirm the last 5 winners of this last daily prize!

And here are the x-mas winners from the 24th of december 2016:
Dom S - Düsseldorf (GER)
Eline K - Limburg (BEL)
Tanja B - Moormerland (GER)
Tanja S - Landau an der Isar (GER)
Ronny E - Bobenneukirchen (GER)

All winners will be informed by mail!

Now you should be able to build the main solution with all 24 letters from the 24 daily questions (which we hope you all figured out right).

If you think you have the right main solution, then please fill out the form below the main prizes in the calendar (prizes button). Deadline for participation is January 9th, 2017.

Furthermore we wish you a lot of fun and happy holidays!

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