The Full Metal Cruise II is over!

04/17/2015 created by WackenHelge

On Thursday April 16th, 2015 the second editon of the Full Metal Cruise ended successfully after 6 days of metal madness at the Harbour of Palma de Mallorca!
Suntanned and happy roundabout 2000 metalheads left the "Mein Schiff 1" after almost 3000 minutes of live music from more than 20 bands, amazing onshore trips and offshore framework programe.

The music was a blast whether it be onshore or offshore! During the 6 days lasting journey the Mein Schiff 1 was rocked by the following artists:
Alestorm, Axxis, Bembers, Blaas of Glory, Beyond The Black, Blaze Bayley, Doro, Dragonforce, Endstille, J.B.O., Mambo Kurt, Onkel Tom, the Pressgeng, Hammerfall, Melissa van Fleet Russkaja, Saltatio Mortis, Sodom, Stormwarrior, Subway to Sally, Tankard and Uli Jon Roth.

A lot of these performances will stay for a long time in the memories of guests and crew alike as for example the unique and amazing underwater guitar solo performance of Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li. (Video footage will follow soon!)

Also during the onshore concerts at Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca bands like U.D.O, Leo Jiménez and Indulgentes (at Castle Dalt Vita) as well as Baron Rojo, Psideralica, and Fyre! (Club Es Gremi) rocked the local venues!

Besides the concerts the extensive framework programe guaranted even more fun and variation with metal karaoke, readings, cinema, musician workshops and a tattoo artist on board.

Last but not least it was possible to win amazing prizes like VIP tickets, guitars, a signed sea map of the travel route (signed by the bands) and much more at the tombola.

Alltogether the second editon of the Full Metal Cruise was a huge success again with the right mixture of good weather, good music and amazing mood!

And here are the facts:

The Journey:
- 5 nights, 3 harbours, more than 20 bands and 130 artists

The Audience:
- 2.000 Metal Fans
- Travellers from 10 different nations: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, France, Zyprus and Diego Garcia

- 80 tons of additional equipment
- 40 kilometres of cable
- 50.000 watt sound equipment on the pool deck
- 120.000 watt total sound performance
- 150.000 watt total light performance
- 1 Crane for assembly and disassembly
- 4x 40 tons juggernauts for transports
- 110 crew members for assembly and disassembly

Food & Drinks consumption:
- circa 28.000 Litres of Beer
- circa 15.000 Softdrink cans
- circa 6000 Litres of water
- circa 1.900 Litres champagne & Wine
- 4.000 Burgers
- 1.300 Schnitzel
- 5.000 Bratwurst
- 1.200 kg Fries

Keep your eyes open for more detailed press reviews, videos and pictures in the near future!

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