The last nine finalists of the Metal Battle 2017 are fixed!

07/17/2017 created by WackenHelge

With Switzerland, Hungary, Israel, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Ex-Yugoslavian Rep., Germany as well as out two newest family members and USA we can confirm the last 7 missing finalists for the Metal Battle 2017!

And here are our last nine finalists:

Lets begin with Switzerland - The local finals were won by Abinchova! German lyrics mixed with melodic death metal with folk elements and both male and female vocals might remind of genre veterans like Eluveitie. This will clearly bring another new interesting facet to the Metal Battle!

One of the newest members of the worldwide Metal Battle family is Indonesia. The first ever national finale was won by the local heroes BESIDE. The band is already existing since 1997 and throughout the years they gathered a fellowship of more than 800.000 Facebook fans. But that's not all. Their albums were awarded in magazines like MetalHammer UK or even Rolling Stone magazine!

Corpse Hoarder
Get the cudgel out of the sack and turn on the growl machine! Corpse Hoarder from Philadelphia in the US will be the first ever North American band to participate into the Meal Battle. As the name might already suggest the band is taking no hostages and will smash the wrecking ball directly into your face!

Eternal Struggle
Finest NYC style hardcore! That's what Eternal Struggle from Isreal will bring to this years Metal Battle finale. Heavily influenced by bands like Biohazard or Agnostic Front these boys will smash their riffs straight to your face!

Death Metal No. 2 - The very young band Inferum consists only out of members which are not older than 18 or 19 years but that's not all - The band does only exist for roundabout 6 months but that was more than enough to be superior at the Belgium finale and leave the competition back in their dust!

Death Metal band No. 3 – but this time with big portion of progressive metal. Founded in 2010 these guys have focused on the more sophisticated facet of Death Metal. Sometimes the music submits itself into the more chaotic direction of bands like Meshuggah followed by a moment of quiet beauty where melody and clean vocals reign the scenery. This band might be an upcoming insider tip for genre fans!

Rising Dream
The power / death metal band from Croatia has completely refurbished their sound after 10 years and is once again ready to conquer the metal world. Their material for their yet unpublished album ‘System Corrupt’, recorded, mixed and mastered in Sweetspot sudios in Sweden, with producer Rickard Bengtsson (Arch Enemy, Opeth, Shinning, Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus, Firewind) is ready to be published in fall/winter 2017!

Nova Prospect
The next finalists come from Hungary. 10 Years, 6 music videos, 2 full-length albums and several EPs are paving the way of Nova Prospect until today and now they are preparing to climb the Metal Battle Olympus in Wacken.

The last of our finalists was recently crowned during the German finale at the Dong Open Air.
Detraktor from Hamburg left all the competition behind with an flawless oldschool thrash metal attack. Now they are preparing to do the same at Wacken. Fans of Slayer, Annihilator and Co. will surely be delighted with this awesome newcomer band!

Congratulations to all of these promising bands! Next month we will see you live on stage here at the finale in Wacken and we are looking forward to all of your performances!

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