Three hot bands from the last decade!

12/17/2016 created by WackenJasper

Today’s announcements haven’t much in common when it comes to the music they play, but they share something cool anyway: Each of them was founded in the last decade and each of them rose from the underground. They have generated many fans and released great albums.

Skull Fist
One of the hottest ex-newcomers overall! The Canadian band Skull Fist is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year and they have already gathered countless fans. The band is part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal and songs like “No False Metal” are leaving no doubts, what the band is about.

Steak Number Eight
Steak Number Eight are hailing from the beautiful Belgium and they are thrilled to return to Wacken. The band was founded in 2004 and rises higher and higher. Their last highlights was a tour with the giants from Mastodon earlier this year.

Another addition for the Wasteland-Stage! And another young band. Stahlmann started to play back in 2008 and already their first album was a huge success. The band plays Neue Deutsche Härte, has released four studio albums so far and will shake Wacken!

And here are the x-mas winners from the 16th of December 2016:
Kai R - Süssen
Isabel M - Dortmund
Frank L - Itzehoe
Sven R - Andernach
Annegret H - Erolzheim

All winners will be informed by mail!

Tomorrow we will announce the next bands and xmas winners!

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