Three new bands behind the 11th door!

12/11/2017 created by WackenJasper

We start the new week with another package of three bands for the upcoming W:O:A! Two bands from Europe and one band from the United States can be added to the lineup.

The band Dokken was named after their singer and founder Don Dokken and comes to Wacken for the second time! So far, the band had only rocked Wacken once in 1999 and a lot has happened since then. The band is usually called a Hard Rock act, but also the labels Glam and Hair Metal could match. Since its founding in 1979, 11 studio albums have been released, the last one was recorded in 2012. But a new album will be released in the summer of 2018!

Also Sarke have not been our guests for a while, so far they only played in 2009 in Wacken. The Norwegian band unites musicians like Nocturno Culto and Sarke and thus the DNA of many great bands (like Darkthrone, Satyricon, Borknagar and many more) in one project. Musically we get a mixture of Black Metall, Thrash and Doom. But there are also some classical rock elements!

Spoil Engine
This five-member band from Belgium and Holland has been rocking the stages with high energy, since its founding in 2004. This year, their fourth album "Stormsleeper" was released, and it contains once again their very own mix of melodic Death Metal, Metalcore and a thick slice of groove.

And here are the x-mas winners from the 10th of december 2017:
Stefanie J - Oelixdorf
Francisco R - Lisbon (Portugal)
Anke C - Brietlingen
Daniel L - Merida (Spain)
Andre R - Hörstel

All winners will beinformed by email!

Tomorrow we will announce the next band and xmas winners!


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