Update: Metalheads with handicap

07/29/2015 created by WackenJasper

Dear Metalheads with handicap,
it was not possible to make use of all capacities on campground A due to the bad weather conditions. This is why we had to move to different grounds. These are located in the vicinity of campgrounds P and K. Unfortunately, the condition of the soil there isn't ideal, either, especially for Metalheads depending on wheelchairs. We call upon on all fans: Support each other!

Sanitation facilities for Metalheads with handicap are located in the following areas:
Showercamp S2: Toilet/shower – accessible for wheelchairs
Showercamp S3: Toilet/shower – accessible for wheelchairs
Showercamp S4: Toilet – accessible for wheelchairs
Wacken Canter: Toilet – accessible for wheelchairs
Bullhead City: Toilet – accessible for wheelchairs
DRK-Center: Toilet – accessible for wheelchairs

From Thursday, you will find toilets for near the platforms for wheelchair users and near the sanitary facilities behind the hut of Jägermeister.

We will handle this together!

#zusammenrücken #movetogether
Your W:O:A Crew

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