Wacken Foundation Auction - Lemmy on Canvas

08/11/2014 created by WackenHelge

This artwork “Lemmy on Canvas” by Andreas Ole Oholendorff is handsigned by artists of the W:O:A 2014. It is a fine art print on canvas (100cm x 140 cm) and has been reworked by Ohlendorff with structure paste, collage and gold bronze. Now it is being auctioned in favour of the Wacken Foundation. The income will benefit young metal and hard rock bands.

The artwork has been signed by
• Mayhemic Destructor and Cruor from "Endstille"
• Pete Sage und Björn Both from "Santiano"
• Buzz Dee und Rajko Gohlke from"Knorkator"
• Mikkey Dee from "Motörhead"
• Biff Byford from "Saxon" and
• Doro Pesch

The auction is online on eBay for one week and started yesterday - Sunday, 10th August 2014.

Follow the link and place your bid for a good cause: cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

More about the Wacken Foundation at:


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