Walls Of Jericho have to cancel their W:O:A show

07/27/2017 created by WackenJasper

Walls Of Jericho have to cancel their appearance at the W:O:A 2017, because of unforeseen circumstances involving their drummer´s schedule. Also their fill in drummer has injured his leg in an accident. The band is really sorry for cancelling all of their festival-shows, but is looking forward to be on tour very soon again: “We hope to see you all soon in the very near future”.

Because of Walls Of Jericho´s drop out, the slot goes to Swedish Dark Metallers Katatonia, which originally were supposed to play at the W:E:T-Stage. Hence the Saturday-program of the W:E:T-Stage and the Headbangers Stage will be reconstructed. More information about the updated running order will follow soon.

Check the Running Order here for all changes.

We also updated the Meet & Greet times!

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