W:O:A 2017: WackenReuter's Top 10 Bands

04/21/2017 created by WackenJasper

With more than 120 bands (and counting) it's not easy to keep all musical highlights of this year's W:O:A in mind. This is why musicians, team members and other persons related to the festival will present you their ten personal favorites in the weeks to come. Today: Stefan aka WackenReuter

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And this is the (very long) explanation Stefan wrote:

Alice Cooper
"To me, Cooper is a living legend and one of the last true rock stars. If someone knows how to entertain, it's him - a fact he proved with his show at W:O:A 2013. This year, we will surely witness another spectacle with all the hits of shock rock's grandmaster."

The Dillinger Escape Plan
"Musical madness, part one: As sad as the impending end of The Dillinger Escape Plan is, I am glad that they chose Wacken for their last festival performance in Germany. If you've already seen them live, you know what we are to expect."

"With technical prowess, great songs and the right attitude, these guys from the UK qualify as my favorite metalcore band. Their last show in Hamburg was one of the most intense I ever witnessed, so there is noch chance I am missing them at W:O:A."

"Mille and his boys are my number one thrash metal band. With a career spanning over 30 years, there have also been lows, but the quality Kreator have been delivering since 'Violent Revolution' is undeniable. The 'Flag Of Hate' is at the ready!"

"Turbonegro are awesome, nuff said. You don't have to be a member of Turbojugend to know this. These Norwegians are more punk than many others without really trying and have written hits for the ages. Their second show in Wacken will surely be one hell of a party."

The Hirsch Effekt
"Musical madness, part two: Some bands have less music in their whole discography than this band from Hanover has in one single song. Their eclectic mixture of mathcore, indie rock, chamber music and electro can be challenging, but is really, really good."

"These doomsters are genius at conjuring atmosphere: Calm and meditative on the one hand, heavy and pitch black on the other. This show will be like a slow dive into the deepest depths of the ocean and is therefore not to be missed."

Fit For An Autopsy
"I don't really dig deathcore, but I've come to love these guys from New Jersey. If a band transcends the genre's confines with passages reminding me of Gojira and Behemoth, they definitely know what they do."

Skull Fist
"I got to know Skull Fist through the highly entertaining horror flick 'Deathgasm'. Just like this movie, the Canadian's 80s styled speed metal is a lot of fun and and a great reminder that shred's not dead!"

Twilight Face
"I confess: I don't really buy that these Swedes are totally serious about their adventure metal. But I am really looking forward to an epic quest on the Holy Ground with many other warriors and shieldmaidens nevertheless."

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