W:O:A Kick-Off: New band announcements for 2016!

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The Hamburg Metal Dayz have started and as always on the first festival-day we announce some new bands for the next W:O:A! This year´s kick-off should satisfy everybody, because from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal we really have something for everybody´s liking. And the next big announcement will already follow on the 16th of October!

Hits, hits, hits! During their career Foreigner have released countless Hard Rock evergreens, which for sure every W:O:A fan is able to sing! You want some examples? Cold As Ice. Juke Box Hero. I Want to Know What Love Is. Any questions anymore?

More about Foreigner.

Parkway Drive
Stagnation in the scene? By far not, as Parkway Drive are the living proof of the contrary! The Australian Metalcore-wrecking ball has yet never been to the W:O:A, but since their foundation in 2003 they have nearly ploughed every other concert-field. The latest album IRE has been released today and should make them even more known.

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Bullet For My Valentine
Yet, Bullet For My Valentine have only been to W:O:A in 2009, and now they come for the second time! You may love them or hate them, but 8 million Facebook fans and some really great albums speak for themselves.

More about Bullet For My Valentine.

Arch Enemy
Last time Arch Enemy turned the W:O:A from the left to the right, front women Allisa White-Gluz has joined the band and some fans were not really convinced of this change. With the time all doubts are away and we are looking forward to the next demolition of the entertaining Melo-Death group!

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The lkeable multi-instrumentalist and former Black Metal shooting-star Ihsahn comes with his solo-material for the third time to W:O:A. Until then, new song-material will be ready to check out and also some Emperor songs should be part of the set list.

More about Ihsahn.

Entombed A.D.
Entombed is dead, long live Entombed A.D.! But the remaining band members produce purest Swedish Death Metal together. He band is not new in Wacken, but the last gig has been played in 2000. So it is time to return!

More about Entombed A.D.

You want some Groove Metal made in France with a portion of pure hate? Then be ready for Dagoba! This year their sixth album has been released and to the same time we are happy to announce them for the first time at W:O:A.

More about Dagoba.

Michael Monroe
With Michael Monroe one of the pioneers of Glam Rock comes to Wacken. Besides his time with Hanoi Rocks he also has been guest musician for Gun´n´Roses - and of course as a solo musician. One of the specials is the saxophone he plays in his music.

More about Michael Monroe.

Der Weg Einer Freiheit
In case you want to listen to some serious Extreme Metal, you are exactly right with Der Weg Einer Freiheit! Since 2009, the young band reaches more and more fans. This year they cemented their status as ambitious Black Metal band by releasing their third album Stellar.

More about Der Weg Einer Freiheit.

We have great news for all Vikings among us: the longboat Einherjer comes across the Kiel Canal to Wacken and the three North-men are looking forward to the next pillage in Wacken´s Marsch. The last raid was in 2009 and since then two albums have been released.

More about Einherjer.

Just take a break from everyday life – on the contrary to their fellow countrymen Dagoba, Alcest take it easy and almost hypnotic. The Post-Rocker, who started with Black Metal, no longer play concerts but celebrate melancholic séances. For sure this is not for everyone, but for those who are open for it, will experience great music!

More about Alcest.

The next top act will already be announced on the 16th of October - here at www.wacken.com and our annual X-mas Calendar with new bands every day will start on the 1st of December again - so stay tuned!

And there is also a new trailer that includes all new bands - have fun watching it!

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