W:O:A Merchandising – a higher quality and new designs!

06/28/2017 created by WackenJasper

The countdown for W:O:A 2017 is ticking - and today we can announce another improvement!

Next to some new designs like the strictly limited Beer Pipeline Shirt, we have also worked on the quality of W:O:A shirts. You will now get a higher quality without any upcharge! All new designs will be printed onto premium shirts.

What have we done?
We are the first customers across the globe that we are able to get the new premium shirt "Ringspun Premium" from Fruit Of The Loom. We bought a hughe load of raw, unprinted shirts to make sure that we will always have enough of them.

What is so special about them?
The ringspun shirts are more durable than the normal shirts you know. The shirts are feeling heavier and more high-grade. And they are, each shirts weighs 30 grams more than the former shirts! They are also extra tear-proof and we noticed a huge improvement at the seams of the shirts.

Why do we do this?
We are always working hard to improve our producst. The black t-shirt is the most popular article when it comes to merchandising, so we decided to invest here.

We bought tons of blank black premium shirts, what means we don't have to deal with a shortness of supplies at this point.

The new shirts will be available at the upcoming Wacken Open Air and our onlineshop at www.metaltix.com will be equipped with the new shirts too!

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